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    Labor can be a scary thing when you aren't prepared. Follow these 11 steps to naturally prepare your body for birth and prepare your baby for life on the outside.

    Love for your newborn baby is the greatest gift that you can give your infant boy or girl. This will teach you how to care for and give your child the very best that he or she DESERVES. #babytips #parenthood #maternity

    #newborns : From newborn to toddler, it just takes 12 months for your baby to undergo an unbelievable transformation. Babies grow at a rapid pace and every proceeding month brings in new developments. It is obvious that all new parents wonder what to expect next in their #baby and how to know if their baby’s #development is in the right track.

    30 Essentials Every 1st Time Parent Needs On Their Registry | www.mommasociety.com

    Baby registry checklist for everything mama and baby needs! Includes a budget list that will tell you want you really need for the first couple months and what you can buy later.I'll share my favorite must have items and easy links on where to get them. - SewManyWaysKimi

    Not sure which car seat you need? Our reference guide breaks it down for every age & stage. Including a free detailed #printable for your fridge! Via Today's Parent #infographic #carseatsafety

    Les comparto este top de Apps que puede tener toda madre en su teléfono inteligente #apps #pregnancy #woman

    Hospital Bag Checklist | Newborn Advice | Pregnancy Tips

    OptimaWHC Pregnancy Timeline for preparing and planning pregnancy.

    The Best Breast Pumps | How to choose the perfect breast pump | www.mommasociety.com | Community of Modern Moms

    Bottle Feeding and Pumping Basics