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Mon, 20 Mar 2017 23:13:08 +0000

"Once you need less. You will have more." #quotes

    the internet has never been so accurate. It's called balance.

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    Qué difícil...

    people who prove themselves in your ear, are the most insecure

    Inspirational Quotes for both men and women to live by.

    NOT caring what other people think...

    Conquer from within.

    Pushing for what you want takes energy but is worth it in the end. Is there anything you did when you were a kid that you ended up quitting and now regret? For me it was piano. Now I'm learning how to play again after 12 years and am determined not to quit again. Allow yourself time to rest & take a little break and then go back at it once you re-energize. Rest > quit. /// SNAPCHAT: kellidav via @angela4design by @happsters