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    Scar tissue that forms inside and around the joint cavity contracts the ligaments and tissue lining the cavity, 'freezing' the humerus to the vaity and limiting shoulder movement.

    nerves of the spine

    Shoulder Movements

    Hip Flexor and Groin Tendinosis

    Golf Ball Massage. @Dallas Dyer Market Booth #1710, Deborah Evans and Associates. Trigger points for massage with a golf ball.

    Neck Muscle Anatomy

    trigger point referral pain pattern for the mid back

    An easy way to learn lower limb muscles

    trigger point referral pain patterns for the ankle & foot

    Musculoskeletal on Pinterest | Ulnar Nerve

    Trigger point release is a very common technique in Western massage. A trigger point is a hypersensitive area of the muscle that can cause pain, burning, tingling, restricted range of motion, and weakness. Trigger point release can be very effective for ongoing muscle pain due to overuse, injury, repetitive motion, sports, and disease.

    Top Websites for Physical Therapists

    Suprascapular nerve and shoulder pain, yes well I know about this one...

    MyofascialFunctional Line by Illustrations by Canova #Anatomy #Myofascial_Functional_Lines

    In honor of athletic trainers month, shout out to all of them out there!! That's for the tape jobs!!

    Muscles Of The Shoulder | Do you have neck, shoulder or back pain?

    the trapezius and serratus anterior in full arm balance

    back extensors

    Overcoming Chronic Neck Pain: Postural Causes and A Unique Exercise Fix

    5 Common Foot Problems #Infographics —

    High #Hip Muscle #Imbalance #ChiropracticCanHelp

    TweakFitSacroiliac Joint Pain | TweakFit