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Yoga, it’s everywhere. It’s in our schools. It’s at our gyms. It’s even on NFL football fields. But is it part of your training? Yoga has exploded in popularity over the past several years, and yogis of all ages use their practice to gain physical strength, calm their minds, and work through life’s stresses. AsRead more »


    Sculpt a lean, fit body with a foam roller!

    Choose your own adventure. This schedule allows half marathon hungry runners to train anywhere from three to six days per week.

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    8 Rocking Poses to Promote Postive Thinking (Yoga for Inner Peace)

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    Here are 5 great warmup exercises to get your body ready for those explosive HIIT workouts! Knee Hugs Knee Circles Walking Lunges Arms Circles Torso Twist Bo...

    Do you love yoga but find it hard to get to a studio? Yoga Studio is the perfect app for making yoga work whenever and whenever is best for you. //

    5 Stretches To Ease Your Back Pain

    Got anxiety? Work it out of your body! Take this free online yoga class at or at the youtube URL below. Enjoy :)

    Want to start a yoga practice but don't know where to start? Check out this beginner's guide on how and where to start your yoga practice.

    The 11 Steps for Making Running a Habit for Life

    Stretch out your body and relax your muscles with this yoga massage workout. These exercises will leave your body feeling stress-free and calm. Give your body a self-deserving massage with these simple moves.

    This is great yoga for beginners who aren't yet flexible enough for advanced yoga poses. See the workout at

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    Highlighting 15 parks around the country that make for a fantastic run or hike.

    The best 4 exercises for RUNNER'S KNEE. exercises are great for pre-hab and re-hab by strengthening many common weakness of runners.

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    Yes You Can! 4-Month Beginner Half-Marathon Training Schedule

    In honor of athletic trainers month, shout out to all of them out there!! That's for the tape jobs!!

    Relieve Your Low Back And Hip Pain with these Foam Rolling, Stretching, Activation and Strength Training Moves.

    10-Minutes To Younger, Tighter Abs - I haven't done any of these before and can't wait to try them!

    Aerial Yoga for PMS

    12 Strength Training Exercise Routine for Runners. As a runner you need to build a body that can withstand the impact of running and is less prone to injuries. Develop functional strength with this workout.