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    Fifth Chakra Feng Shui To Live Your Best Life | The Tao of Dana

    Feng Shui To Stay Centered In Your Own Personal Power In A Balanced Way


    An A3 poster that details the 7 Chakras of the body with information about: Name Location Colour Emotion Endocrine gland Psychological Function Area Governed

    Learn how to work with Moon Phases: A Beginner's Guide

    Root Chakra Feng Shui | How To Get Grounded | The Tao of Dana

    10 ways to Heal & Balance your chakras - There are many ways one can begin to balance their Sacral Chakra. Here are several useful methods, including aromatherapy, visualisations, affirmations, mudra, yoga poses, nutrition, reflexology color, nature and sound therapy!:

    Healing techniques for the crown chakra Sanación y balance del chakra corona …

    Chakra stones …

    Musik zu den Chakren: Mehr

    Basic knowledge about your chakras and how to open them. Text from