Charity Heroux

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 09:15:46 +0000

RACONTEUR (n) a talented storyteller


    german...there's finally a word that brings understanding to my soul<3


    why can't all languages be as pretty as French

    8 Extremely inspiring words for public speakers - Sparkol

    pronunciation | 'ow-bod\ #aubade, noun, english, origin: french, origin: latin, song, love, dawn, love song, romance, relationships, words, otherwordly, other-wordly, definitions, A,

    metanoia- The journey of changing one's mind, heart, self, or way of life.

    SEARCH BY: word (ex. nubivagant), language (ex. Portuguese), topic (ex. love), part of speech (ex. noun), origin (ex. origin: Latin), first letter (ex. A)

    to hesitate while introducing someone because you have forgotten their name. Oh how many times I have tartled!

    Pron. ray sher SHAY We went to a restaurant with a recherche selection of wines.

    Melomanie // süchtig nach Musik // #music