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Vata is one of three doshas discussed in Ayurveda. Don’t know your dosha? Find out here. Are you a Vata, Pitta or Kapha? Vata is composed of ether and air, and is the subtle energy associated with movement. Think of the wind! It governs breathing, blinking, muscle and tissue movement, pulsation of the heart, and (continue reading...)

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    PITTA Fruits & Vegetables - Ayurveda states that a person should choose his diet depending on his dosha. So, a person in whom the Pitta dosha is dominant should eat diet, which will pacify the Pitta dosha. Here are some suggestions on which fruits and veggies to include and which to avoid in a Pitta balancing diet.

    Pitta-Vata Diet

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    Pela Ayurveda, a base energética constitucional do indivíduo, ou bio tipo, Prakriti, é definida no momento da fecundação do óvulo (quando se definem as características genéticas) e por outros fatores (pré-concepção e do período da gestação). Prakriti é medida no nível mais profundo do pulso.

    Ayurvedic poster with basic descriptions of the following ayurvedic concepts: 1. What is Ayurveda. 2.Eight Branches of Ayurveda. 3. Pancha Maha Bhuta. 4. Tri Dosha. 5. Prakruti. 6. Vikruti. 7.Sapta Dhatu-7 tissues. 8. Prana Tejas Ojas. 9. Srotas -Channels. 10. Agni -The metabolic fire. 11. Ama -undigested food. All art & design by Aaron Staengl© All rights reserved

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    What is sattva in ayurveda?

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