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Staaststheater Mainz - Lore Lay

    Théâtre pour 2 mains - saison

    type // illustration // jens mennicke

    Diseño suizo

    Flower | Alexander Gusakov

    poster | Affiche. Mise en Page #typography

    Richard Niessen, International Poster and Graphic Design Festival, International competition 2015

    French designer, Pierre Bernard (1942-2015).

    neue gestaltung - typo/graphic posters

    Plain, functional graphic design is highly topical. Amidst the visual opulence surrounding us today precisely condensed posters or the carefully composed systems of symbols used in airports seem spectacular. Back in the 1960s pioneering achievements of this kind formed the basis for the international success of Swiss graphics. With founding fathers such as Josef Müller-Brockmann, Karl Gerstner or Armin Hofmann, reduced design under the name “Swiss Style” developed into a movement that pointe...

    Tomasz Boguslawski


    Women of Graphic Design - Mary Galloway (Brooklyn) Night Market Poster Series