Is That Taşak On Your Face?

Wed, 27 Apr 2016 17:00:40 +0000

"Do you know who we are?" "Super rich kids with nothing but fake friends?"

    tfc, the foxhole court

    8) i want to be able to speak more than 2 languages fluently. so far i can only speak english but im taking spanish too

    Lexi tends to walk the line between protective and suicidal.

    Kasey's good at kissing. He's had a lot of practice

    "No, Evangeline, he's insane!" Evan stared into her sister's eyes, "Not with me."

    ★ ♥ I'll be your Mr. Universe if that's what you ask of me★★★

    r.i.p. to my youth // the neighbourhood

    Writing inspiration @heywriters

    i feel like im the worst