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Stevie Wonderful — SW, c. 1974


    Herbie Hancock in the studio Music Studio

    ♥Willie Nelson♥

    John Lennon and his Fender Telecaster

    Angus Stone Photo - 2010 ARIA Awards - Awards Room via @Jess Pearl Liu Aymond-Monot Marie Louise

    Stevie Wonder

    Stevie Wonder one of my all time favorites. Singer and harmonica❤

    Andy Warhol with Stevie Wonder backstage Madison Square Garden, at a Rolling Stones show Stevie opened, July 26, 1972 (Mick’s 29th birthday).

    barcarole: Nina Simone in Central Park, NYC,... - Eternally Beautifully Black

    Stevie Wonder and Muhammed Ali

    Stevie Wonder

    John Coltrane (Davis in the background) - Imgur