Claudia Waite

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May Gibbs brought a unique Australian flavour to her paintings and drawings by including native flora and fauna. Some in the guise of fairies

    A bellflower Lucie Lundberg, another illustrator for children who worked in the first half of the twentieth century

    Gumnut Babies Meeting a Koala

    Little Boy Whispers Secret To His Scottie Dog Card s Scottish Terrier Scotty The Secret

    Gumnut Scrap Sheet

    The Gumnut Babies as drawn by May Gibbs, author and illustrator

    May Gibbs - Fly leaf from Wattle Babies 1918.Cecilia May Gibbs MBE (17 January 1877 – 27 November 1969) was an Australian children's author, illustrator, and cartoonist. She is best known for her gumnut babies (also known as "bush babies" or "bush fairies"), and the book Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.

    May Gibbs ~ Wattle Babies (my favourite author as a child, more countries outside australia need to know about May Gibbs)

    Orchid baby. May Gibbs

    We're Still Above Water IThe Gumnut Babies as drawn by May Gibbs, Australian author and illustrator

    Joy Campbell painting a day

    Mary Engelbreit