Jennifer Maulsby

Tue, 24 Dec 2013 03:34:19 +0000

Étretat Interior, 1920 Henri Matisse


    Persistence of Memory, by Salvador Dali tape to shrinky dink page. color. punch holes two holes in one side for a book. Shrink. Make a book of famous art - colored by you.

    a smart crow...

    alongtimealone: Nude in an Interior Pierre Bonnard - circa 1912-1914 (by BoFransson)

    Henri Matisse / Still Life with Eggplants, 1911

    Henri Matisse

    Henri Matisse: "Asphodèles

    Henri Matisse / Roses devant une fenêtre, 1925

    Henri Matisse, Woman Before a Fish Bowl, 1921

    Henri Matisse

    Still Life with Anemones, 1924 (oil on canvas), Henri Matisse

    Henri Matisse.

    Henri Matisse - Reading Woman with Violet Dress 1898