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    | wk of Apr. 27 - May 3. 2015 | Pinks & Blues. Late entry. Playing catch up…

    How to make different types of pockets in a journal

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    Week 31 ~ I love to play, the keyboard is my journal and mailart. Lovely…

    I’m no travel journal expert, but I absolutely adore a good travel journey or a place to keep my memories. I’m a keepsake, memory hoarder and I’m not sorry. I still have many litt…

    Primitive Family STENCIL**The Best things in life...** Large 12"x24" for Painting Signs, Airbrush, Crafts, Wall Decor, Shabby, Vintage

    Roadtrip Journal (like the little binder and storage binders). Work on your travel journal while on the road. Shows what supplies you can bring, etc.:

    Travel Book

    Travel journals

    Die Deko der vergangenen Woche: ich habe sie erneut sehr schlicht und zurückhaltend dekoriert und farblich passend zu…