Melissa Brown

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:44:48 +0000

STEM Sticks for Brain Breaks - STEM Activities for Kids


    STEM Challenges and Reading: Here are some terrific ways to get both of these into your busy days! I especially like the fourth book for STEM!

    Fairy Tale STEM - Goldilocks STEM Activity for grades 1-3. Use a familiar story to work through the engineering design process. Ask - Imagine - Plan - Create - Improve | momgineer

    FREE Lego Challenge Printable STEM Activities

    MRS. MCFADDEN'S CLASSROOM BLOG STEM projects & FREE printables

    Are you ready for monthly STEM projects? Here's a money-saving bundle of 30 kid-tested STEM activities- perfect for using all year long.

    STEM Writing Extensions to supplement and enhance ANY STEM Challenge!

    Blog post outlines 5 fun & fabulous Thanksgiving-themed STEM challenges that can be modified for use with grades 2-8. Follow the journey of the Pilgrims as they sail to America (Mini Mayflower), create shelter (Protect-a-Pilgrim), gather food (Pumpkin Picker), cultivate the land (Corn Cultivator), and make time for fun (Turkey Transporter).

    STEM Challenges for all seasons: Design a sports dome in fall, try several different snowflake challenges in winter, create a sturdy bird's nest in spring, and dive into a submersible water craft in summer. These STEM challenges engage kids of all ages. | STEM Resources by Meredith Anderson

    6 NGSS Aligned STEM Challenges designed specifically for fifth graders! | STEM Activities | 5th Grade | Next Generation Science Stan

    Teaching STEM Through Fairy Tales -

    STEM activity for kids - fairy tales with a STEM twist. Perfect for grades 1-3. The story book guides the students through the engineering design process. | Meredith Anderson STEM resources

    STEM Tales are fairy tales with a STEM twist. The engineering task is to solve the problem presented in the story. Perfect for grades 1-3! Choose from Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Rapunzel, Robin Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Jack & the Beanstalk, Beauty & the Beast, The Ugly Duckling, The Three Little Pigs, and The Three Billy Goats Gruff. | Meredith Anderson STEM Resources (priced item)