Makoto Kondo

Tue, 05 Apr 2016 04:12:37 +0000

Tenderfarm real pixels

    UI exploration for a time tracking assistant to ensure no valuable billable time gets lost. Designed by Isoflow Twitter | Linkedin

    Company List - Cards UI

    Around 2 weeks ago I worked for pal for some screens that he required, well I found it so perhaps I thought its a good idea to share. Share some love for this mistake :)

    New Invite collaborator menu

    Need to start thinking of eLearning as more WEB than POWERPOINT. Love the use of grid layout here and the side nav - something to consider.

    Cisco Healthcare Dashboard User Interface | User Interface Design

    Product Card by Paul Flavius Nechita

    Principle Card Swiping by Ruban Khalid

    Payment Modal | Ui Parade | User Interface Design Inspiration

    Travel app by Cai Cardenas