Tina Taeb

Sat, 02 Apr 2016 22:09:16 +0000

Borgman Lenk Luftschloss

    in front of the HQ of Vivacom we installed this temporary scaffold construction, added some natural sand and hammocks to bring the summer back in town. 16.09.2011 Sofia

    in addition to its material characteristics, like luminosity, durability, and cost efficiency, the reuse of videotape waste offers a conceptual reflection between what was and what could be.

    The personality of this play is Kinesthete. The quality of this play is Inherent Attraction. Even though I have been on stage before and it's something I'm used to, being on stage is where I see myself spending a lot of time in the future. Feeling the energy of being on stage and moving, it makes it feel like was born to be on stage. (Future):

    Create an entranceway or 'hallway' for shop from scaffolding. Very close together to easily identify pathway

    fibra óptica

    scaffolding in Hong Kong, August 2012

    corporate stage design

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    El Palacio de Hierro - 125 Años de Estilo, Città del Messico, 2013

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