Tina Taeb

Sat, 02 Apr 2016 22:09:16 +0000

Borgman Lenk Luftschloss

    Scaffolding and inflatables at Pavarotti Concert, Mexico

    Teatro Oficina São Paulo. Escenario desde el auditorio, 1984-1989. Fotografía © Markus Lanz, 2014.

    j. mayer h. schaustelle temporary pavilion designboom

    Galeria - Reprogramação da cidade: 10 ideias para reutilizar a infraestrutura urbana - 3

    Designers Convert Lifeguard Towers Into Winter Pavilions For Toronto's Frozen Beaches - http://www.decorazilla.com/architecture/designers-convert-lifeguard-towers-into-winter-pavilions-for-torontos-frozen-beaches.html

    _Nautilus is an extraordinary story of a construct in Skopje by the association of [TEN] and NGO [City Creative Network Skopje CCN]_

    Walter Gropius, Joost Schmidt | Exhibition of Non-ferrous Metals | 1934:

    ART_Scaffolding_Sculpture.jpg (460×694)

    3D Bridge 1024 Frz 3374 600x400 - Many.Pictures,image hosting

    2012 PCA Stage design with huge overhead shapes

    Nice use of lights used for decoration, looks like scafolding. I also like how its discrete and not all over the place. Its using this jagged flowing motion from the pattern used.