Tina Taeb

Sat, 02 Apr 2016 22:09:16 +0000

Borgman Lenk Luftschloss

    2012 PCA Stage design with huge overhead shapes


    in front of the HQ of Vivacom we installed this temporary scaffold construction, added some natural sand and hammocks to bring the summer back in town. 16.09.2011 Sofia

    Prototype Square / Mailītis A.I.I.M.

    The personality of this play is Kinesthete. The quality of this play is Inherent Attraction. Even though I have been on stage before and it's something I'm used to, being on stage is where I see myself spending a lot of time in the future. Feeling the energy of being on stage and moving, it makes it feel like was born to be on stage. (Future):

    scaffolding structure


    GREATEST EXHIBIT PROJECTS | Best Design Projects

    Sculpture at Cornerstone Sonoma

    Pavilion designed to resemble a Venetian glass sweet.

    FRED PERRY / STUSSY London, Manchester, Paris, Berlin, April 2011 Powder coated red scaffolding structures with PVC banners featuring campaing images, promote the launch of Fred Perry collaboration with Stussy in Laurel Wreath stores Europe wide.

    Santiago Calatrava stage design