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((FC: Elle Fanning)) Hello, my name's Ebony. I'm 16 and the immortal daughter of Jack Frost. I was recently taken here when I heard the sound of Pan's flute one night in the Enchanted Forest when I was searching for my father, who had been taken by Pitch Black. Pan and I started becoming good friends, and then we fell in love. But that was before I knew all the horrible things he does. Now I'm on the run. But it's hard to run from an all powerful boy who is in love with you, and from your feelings.

    Dakota and Elle Fanning. Wahouuuu, so beautiful !!!

    expression. crown?

    Elle Fanning para ASOS Magazine, por Michael Hauptman.

    elle fanning

    Sakaguchi Kentaro

    who is that long haired beauty? drooool

    M: Toni Petkov, P: Alon Shastel, S: Arya Haliba (Fucking Young! Online)

    Great alternative styling.

    My name is Tom Webb, and I originated from London, England before being forced from my home to this wretched planet. Here, I am forced to work under the rule of King Peter, where I am the commander of his military. I suppose that my position could be worse, but that doesn't override my longing to return to my home planet.