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Thu, 12 Jan 2017 10:59:13 +0000

20 Stunning Wedding Engagement Rings That Will Blow You Away


    Your Heart Will Melt When You See These 24 Oval Engagement Rings

    “The Tiffany® Setting. Well, the whole point is to lift the diamond so the setting becomes invisible and the diamond floats…this is a Tiffany diamond, so the setting has to live up to it.” —Marcus Latronico, Tiffany & Co. diamond setter for 20 years.

    I don't want my ring to be this tall for adjusting but the side design is gorgeous

    really really like this

    It's the beginning of a brilliant romance. #verragio #unlikeanyother…

    Designers & Diamonds

    Heavenly Opal Halo Ring

    Verragio INS-7070CU-GOLD Diamond Engagement Ring dream ring! Cushion cut with a halo

    Take a look at these eye blindly gorgeous rings...

    Verragio Engagement Rings