Sarah Magnusen

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:53:15 +0000

Printing Press Demo. 1:57. Timeline W13.

    Johannes Gutenberg and the Printing Press - Timeline Week 13

    Ben Franklin Download N Go unit study/lapbook - great week-long learning adventure for grades K-4!

    Cycle 1, Week 14: The Songhai Empire - great short video and a quiz at the end with the answers for reinforcement! Beautiful images.

    Video demonstration of the Gutenberg printing press

    This Is America, Charlie Brown Mini-Series: "The Building of the Transcontinental Railroad"

    Louisiana Purchase in a Nutshell

    The Gutenberg Printing Press

    1455: Gutenberg Printing Press

    SL w14 - French and Indian War lapbook - ss

    Age of Exploration. 1:56. C1.W14.

    SchoolHouse Rock - No More Kings - American Rock - America's Relationship with England from the Landing of the Mayflower at Plymouth Rock to The Declaration for Independence - YouTube

    SL w18 - Sesame Street - George Washington Crossing the Delaware - ss