Sarah Magnusen

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:53:15 +0000

Printing Press Demo. 1:57. Timeline W13.


    Disney on Benjamin Franklin's life

    85 Johannes Gutenberg and the Printing Press cc cycle1 week 13

    Week 2. ▶ Tour of Mayflower II, 2011 - YouTube cc cycle 3

    ▶ Thomas Jefferson - C3 W4 & 6 Author of Declaration of Independence & gained the Louisiana Purchase from France as President

    THE WAR OF 1812 (PBS Documentary/2011) FULL

    Blog with Video for SOTW. How have I not known about this? Anansi and the Turtle (BBC) by Mew Lab. Design & Animation: Mew Lab

    The First Thanksgiving: Virtual Field Trip Video Webcast and Letters Signup - about 18 min.

    The American Revolution in 5 breathtaking minutes! All done with music and pictures! Outstanding!

    Build a Gutenberg printing press, the revolutionary technology utilizing movable, inked type that could produce hundreds of Identical prints.

    SL w27 - Caroline - 1812 - games and activities - ss

    CC Cycle 1 - History Wk19 - The Anasazi