Sarah Magnusen

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:53:15 +0000

Printing Press Demo. 1:57. Timeline W13.

    CC3 Week 4 Ben and Me Declaration of Independence

    SL w27 - Caroline - 1812 - games and activities - ss

    Printmaking - tempera paint on tin foil, put a piece of paper on top them roll over with a brayer

    Making butter with a butter churn

    ▶ Thomas Jefferson - C3 W4 & 6 Author of Declaration of Independence & gained the Louisiana Purchase from France as President

    If you're looking for Pioneer Day Activities, then look no more! Mariah has created a roundup of things to do, including crafts and snacks.

    Ben Franklin's from Physics Central: a downloadable comic book and collection of activities that probe the findings of Ben Franklin.

    The First Thanksgiving: Virtual Field Trip Video Webcast and Letters Signup - about 18 min.

    War of 1812 and History of the Star Spangled Banner (C3, W7)

    (Web research and video game) BBC Primary History - Famous People, Pocahontas. Look closely at, at least, 2 of the "Photos;" Read, at least, 1 of the sections (Why is Pocahontas famous?, Life in an Indian village, Meeting the colonists, Pocahontas gets married, Pocahontas in England); Play the "Pocahontas Game."

    A soldier is shaved by a barber in a French military encampment, 1917.