Sarah Magnusen

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:52:47 +0000

SchoolHouse Rock - Mother Necessity - YouTube American Inventors

    Schoolhouse Rock - Mother Necessity

    Schoolhouse Rock- The Preamble

    Mother Necessity, Elias Howe, "Schoolhouse Rock" and sewing machines, all thanks to yesterday's episode.

    School House Rock Preamble

    "Conjunction Junction, what's your function?" The classic Jack Sheldon favorite from Schoolhouse Rock. For more information, go to

    School House Rock Shot Heard Round the World America Rock

    Schoolhouse Rock, conjunction junction

    conjunction junction... what's your function?

    Grammar Rock (Conjunctions) (C2, W21)

    Schoolhouse Rock - Conjunction Junction

    school house rocks | Schoolhouse Rock - Grammar Rock

    Schoolhouse Rock-Mother Necessity