Sarah Magnusen

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:52:47 +0000

SchoolHouse Rock - Mother Necessity - YouTube American Inventors

    I love these classic videos - did you know they taught history too?

    1976. This song teaches about the opening to the United States Constitution, with its preamble set to music. When writing this song, they had to remove a small section of the preamble to make the song rhyme. This song was voted the 6th best song on the 30th anniversary edition. Sung by Essra Mohawk. Written by Bob Dorough, Tom Yohe.

    School House Rock Shot Heard Round the World (American Revolution) America Rock - YouTube

    Electoral College - Schoolhouse Rock

    Three Branches of Government--School House Rock

    Pettson's Inventions -- Quickly becoming a FAVORITE. Think Rube Goldberg! ($1.99 app)

    The Great American Melting Pot Schoolhouse Rock (Immigration)- YouTube

    How to Use the Rule of Three to create engaging content.

    Schoolhouse Rock - Over 2 Hours!! <3<3<3!!!!

    Schoolhouse Rock - Water Conservation

    Preamble School House Rock- I use this every year to help my kids learn the Preamble. Works every time!

    Schoolhouse Rock - Immigration (The Melting Pot)