Sarah Magnusen

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:52:47 +0000

SchoolHouse Rock - Mother Necessity - YouTube American Inventors

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    America Rock (The Great American Melting Pot) (C3, W16)

    I'm Just a Bill - YouTube School House Rock How a bill becomes a law.

    Figure Eight Schoolhouse Rock--this one always gets stuck inside my head.

    This Schoolhouse Rock stuff does it to me a LOT. But "Figure Eight" has that sad melody with cello, Rhodes piano & Blossom Dearie's vocals. After the "one-times-eight" section, I'm just choked up. Practically in tears every time. Even all these years later. No idea why. Man, those Schoolhouse Rock composers REALLY knew what they were doing.

    Schoolhouse Rock! A great way to learn!

    Suffrage Right to Vote School House Rock Cartoon History Lesson Educational Video

    Conjunction Junction....Best School House Rock - I so loved these as a child. They work great with lower elementary students.

    School House Rock - Interjections! Learner A LOT from school house rock!

    Solar system song:: Schoolhouse Rock - Interplanet Janet

    America Rock (Mother Necessity) (C3, W14)