Cassandra G.

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 21:59:28 +0000

How to tie off a fishing hook

    Palomar Knot. One of the best knots for saltwater fishing. I prefer this knot tying line to hooks and swivels, and whenever else I can use it.

    Tying a drop shot hook

    Fishermans Knot?

    Alberto Knot - Use this knot for joining lines of different diameters and/or composition such as monofilament (or fluorocarbon) leaders to braid line.

    Learn how spooling fishing line correctly either by hand or with a fishing line winder eliminates fishing line memory and resulting fishing line backlash

    mooring hitch knotboard

    JCT❤️. Fishing knots

    Big Game Fishing - From the reel to the hook