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A yellow peril hedgehog with muddler head

    This stimulator fly pattern is ideal for windy days and fast water. The Doc's low profile attracts more trout and aggressive strikes better than ordinary stonefly patterns. Fly pattern in brown, orange, yellow.
    Sizes: 10, 12, 14.

    fly tying bench...if Daniel keeps up all this fly fishing madness, he may just need one of these : )

    Just found this Stillwater Fly Patterns - Sedgehammer -- Orvis on Orvis.com!

    Find out how to Tie Flies for Fly Fishing. Look into even more at the photo link

    smallflyfunk - #26 adult midge

    Tying the Stimulator (DryFly) with Davie McPhail.

    Everything you wanted to know about dubbing but were afraid to ask.

    Stone Fly Varient

    Delaware Adams

    Classic Video: How to Tie the Rough-Water Caddis - Orvis News

    Foam body Caddis with Elk hair wing - Don Mear

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