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Glo-Brite Holographic Trout Buzzer by mak-flies 2014

    HMG Scud. For more fly fishing info follow and subscribe www.theflyreelguide.com Also check out the original pinners site and support

    Tying the(Bug-Bond) Quilled Buzzer with Davie McPhail.

    Scud fly tying

    flyfishfood: “We did a tutorial for the Oil Slick Buzzer. It’s not articulated but it’s caught a lot of fish for us. www.flyfishfood.com #flyfishing #flytying #chironomid #trout ”

    Top 10 Fly Fishing Flies For Catching Trout (Fly Fishing Flies) | Montana Matt

    A Few of my Chironomid Favorites - SUPER MACRO!

    The Midge Manifesto: Stillwater Patterns.... The Chironomids

    Glo-Brite Okey Dokey Buzzer by mak-flies 2013 - YouTube

    Craven's Poison Tung

    Tying a 2016 Mak-boy Buzzer by mak-flies - YouTube

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