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Baetis time is here again! When fishing, I fish this fly as a dropper or the bottom fly in a two fly set-up. I have much better luck when...


    Tied on a curved hook, this variation on the Pheasant Tail offers a different look to a classic pattern. Imagine two Quasimodos in tandem, or as dropper flies tied off of a Tunghead Mayfly. Infinite possibilities. Tied with a bead and in the flashback style, these nymphs will work for a number of mayfly species and makes great dropper flies.
    Sizes: 14, 16, 18, 20.

    Ordinary Italian fisherman Roberto Godi caught an unbelievable catfish when he went fishing on the River Po at Mantova, northern Italy.This monster is 8.2 feet long. It weighs about 250 lbs. This gigantic catfish has become the largest freshwater fish caught in Europe. It took Roberto about 45 minutes to reel in the fish. After breaking the world record, Godi released the catfish back into the water safe and well. :)

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    Killer Midge Pupa - Fly Tying Lesson Video Tutorial by Curtis Fry - YouTube

    Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear Nymph. Detailed instructions for tying a Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear Nymph.

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    Pupa de Caddis en su casa de grava.


    Blue Winged Olive Emerger

    Bloody Mary Nymph. Sounds good to me.

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