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Gone are the days of choosing your baby name off the top 20 list. Now it's all about the unique, but you still have to find the balance between strange and cool. You definitely don't want your baby's name to be a weird one. These names are unique, but not so unique that your kid will be mocked for it.


    Final run-through when trying out a baby name idea. THE BOY VERSION is also pinned to my board by request from many mamas. You can use the test drive on to put your baby's name in a variety of situations! Baby girl names. Trying out your idea for a baby girl's name.

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    There are lots of unique and uncommon baby names ideas for boys and girls on this list.

    Baby Boy Name: Rhys (reese). Meaning: Inspired by God; Zealous; Ardent. Origin: Welsh.

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    Some of these names are ancient, so it seems weird to me that they're titled "futuristic," but they're all good names.

    Love bold boy names? Trying to avoid anything too popular? Start with this list, and then search our popularity charts for even more ideas!

    Nicknames are getting popular and it can be hard to find an unusual choice. The names on this list may seem familiar but they are actually not in the UK top 1000.

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