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Gone are the days of choosing your baby name off the top 20 list. Now it's all about the unique, but you still have to find the balance between strange and cool. You definitely don't want your baby's name to be a weird one. These names are unique, but not so unique that your kid will be mocked for it.

    Looking for a baby name for a boy that's a bit unusual? We've put together a list of 31 unique and very cool baby names for boys. Will any of these tickle your fancy?

    Linden James. For Jalyn. :) || Hand-drawn name art by Meg at

    Baby Boy or Girl Name: Lowen. Meaning: Happy. Origin: Cornish Welsh.

    Hand appliqued navy newborn baby gown with aqua chevron and orange dots for going home outfit

    Baby Boy or Girl Name: Kellan. Meaning: Powerful. Origin: Celtic.

    The sexiest, friendliest, smartest, most sophisticated, and most creative baby names revealed! #babynames

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    Brand new baby boy name list. Popular names that are rising in the number of new births for the 2013-2014 SSA year. These include Jace/Jase/Jayce, Oliver, Camden, Liam, Jaxon/Jaxson, Lincoln, Hunter, Silas, Noah, Ryker, Grayson, Lucas, Sebastian, Mateo, Easton, King, Ezra, Leo, Benjamin, Brantley, Jack, Jax, Zayden, Kayden/Kaiden, Luke, Kendrick, Theodore, Maverick, Hudson, and Lorenzo.

    All of the names below have been given to at least 5 American babies per year every year since 1900, without any sharp popularity peaks that would date them. These names are all over the style map but they're all timeless, and not a James or Elizabeth in the bunch.

    85 Fantasy And Sci-fi Baby Names

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