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Gone are the days of choosing your baby name off the top 20 list. Now it's all about the unique, but you still have to find the balance between strange and cool. You definitely don't want your baby's name to be a weird one. These names are unique, but not so unique that your kid will be mocked for it.

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    Want your baby’s name to be original? Double baby names are the way to go. It’s actually a Southern tradition to choose two monikers for your newborn, and it’s totally trending. Here are 14 adorable combos that we love the most.

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    NO NICKNAME NAMES. I can always find a good nickname in any name. My partner's mom named her sons to have no nicknames: Jason is now Jay or Jase and Branden is B or Denny, etc. But if you want a name that will usually be said in full (no obviously accessible pet forms for people to pluck out of thin air), try starting with these.