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Thu, 18 Aug 2016 23:02:24 +0000

Math = Love: Growth Mindset Mistakes Poster


    growth mindset poster - Google Search

    Metacognition: get your students thinking about their thinking! Light Bulbs and Laughter blog

    Change your Words, Change your Mind bulletin board...this could also be redone with growth mindset and fixed mindset thoughts for teachers and placed in a teacher work area!

    I was in church when I first heard this and immediately wanted it in my future classroom.

    My classroom door art!

    Pencil Mistake Poster. FREE Remind students that it is OK to take risks and make mistakes, so that we can learn.

    Math = Love: Interactive Notebook Resource Section

    Decorate your classroom and inspire your students! "The Power of Yet" Growth Mindset Printable Classroom Poster.

    Fixed vs. growth mindset... Teach using the book "Miss Alaineus" or "the girl who never made mistakes".

    Yet by mholtzen I started using the word “Yet” with my students a couple years ago. When a child says, “But I don’t get it,” or “I can’t do this,” which happens often in my land of perfectionists, I add the word, “Yet” to the end of their declaration.

    Growth mindset Check out for tips…

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