Carrie McDonald

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:44:48 +0000

These Emoji fraction activities are perfect for a math center, whole group / early finisher assignment or even homework! Students will have a blast while reducing and simplifying, comparing and ordering, adding and subtracting, identifying simple fractions as decimals and converting improper and mixed fractions.


    Visual time management

    Roll and Color a Fraction- A favorite from the March NO PREP Packet for FIRST GRADE!

    Practice equivalent fractions with this fun powerpoint game for smartboards and interactive boards. CCSS aligned.

    MathFLIX = 1000 FREE instructional math movies covering a wide range of math concepts including Number & Operations, Algebra, Measurement, Geometry, Data Analysis & Probability, Connections and Technology. In addition to MathFLIX’s valuable video resources, the site also features 400 downloadable worksheets that reinforce concepts and provide valuable practice.

    Free Printable Fractions Worksheets -

    A way to develop math vocabulary without being boring! Can be used all year long, all the time, with all of your students (general education, special education, ESL, GT, etc.). $

    This FREE multiplication game is a great way to get students to practice their multiplication facts in math centers!

    Fraction Cards - perfect for playing games like memory and war!

    I have to share this rockin' activity inspired by an awesome math teacher and blogger, To The Square Inch . In fourth grade, we learn about ...

    Geometrocity - A city made of math.

    Hands-on activities to teach angles