Carrie McDonald

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:44:48 +0000

These Emoji fraction activities are perfect for a math center, whole group / early finisher assignment or even homework! Students will have a blast while reducing and simplifying, comparing and ordering, adding and subtracting, identifying simple fractions as decimals and converting improper and mixed fractions.

    Roll and Color a Fraction- A favorite from the March NO PREP Packet for FIRST GRADE!

    Visual time management

    Fraction hopscotch! (image only) I love how it shows equivalent fractions and goes from smallest to largest!

    This FREE multiplication game is a great way to get students to practice their multiplication facts in math centers!

    Fraction project! Learning and having fun doing it!

    FREE Fraction Task Cards! This is one of my 1000 followers forever freebies.

    Hands-on activities to teach angles

    Geometrocity - A city made of math.

    Cool book to help students learn their times tables e.g. wearable watch with multiples of a number

    My students love these number puzzles. They are a great way to practice different strategies for adding and subtracting two-digit and three-digit numbers. They help students play with decomposing numbers to build addition and subtraction math strategies for second grade.

    Want a fun, low-prep equivalent fractions game to use in your math centers tomorrow? Read about how we've put an equivalent fractions twist on the classic "Spoons" game and get your FREE equivalent fractions cards to use at