Marie Pav

Sat, 20 May 2017 01:15:07 +0000

Friesian, © Olesya Nickolaeva

    Cavalo com franja 1

    Imagens de cavalos

    2005 APHA Chestnut Overo Stallion Service

    Because there is something amazing about a horse with a lot of hair. Also look at this one's beautiful star, and expression!

    Foto's uit berichten

    Horse......Love Clydesdales one of my favourite horses!!

    my misty morning

    With the Friesian horse it's all about the hair! - Equine Photography by Ekaterina Druz

    vrindavanarymer: Você está brincando comigo? VOCÊ está brincando com este cavalo ??!

    This horse thinks you’re really compassionate. | Community Post: 14 Animals Who Are Here To Cheer You Up