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    Warmly recommended: State Department Store ’We warmly recommend: State Department Store’ – commercial poster from the 1950s. Its designer is unknown. The poster was an advertisement for the State Department Stores. They were a nationalized chain in the socialist era, founded in 1949. These stores had a different system from those shopping centres known today, as they didn't have numerous little shops of different brands. Instead, State Department Stores functioned as big economic unities and th

    Winter Fair / Téli vásár 1965 Artist: Lengyel Sándor

    Bortnyik Sándor - Chmura - good glasses, 1930

    Peace Loan | Budapest Poster Gallery

    Look! Drink More Milk / Idenézz! Igyál több tejet 1960s Artist: Tomaska Irén

    Garden Seeds Company

    Construction Camps '67 - We are calling you, join us! | Budapest Poster Gallery

    Gyorgy Konecsni, The 3rd Congress of MNDSZ, 1952

    Üdit a zamatos Hírös kajszin barack cukorka - Egészséges, 1936

    Poster by Fortunato Depero (1892-1960), 1936, Caffe Cirio #Futurism #ItalianFuturism #Cafe

    Sándor Ernyei, Our Daily Bread

    Kávétejszín 1982