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    321 Art: written reflection/self-assessment

    master to color theory by snow

    How to Improve Your Sketchbook!

    Getting ready to end your art semester? This portfolio self-assessment is a perfect way for students to show their growth and learning as they review their final portfolio (body of work). Check it out at: Create Art With Me!

    These drawing tutorials and tips are intended for artists newer to drawing the human face, as well as those who are looking to sharpen their skills. Experience with pencil sketching is suggested, but not required.

    clay bell idea

    An Easy Way to Assess Your Students’ Knowledge

    COMPARE AND CONTRAST IN ART!Use this handout to compare and contrast two works of art. Space to write down both works of art.Alike sectionDifferent section (two columns) Are you looking for GREATart projects? Check out these presentations. The work is already done for you!

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    Visual Analysis Poster: remind students what they are doing!

    Form + Theme + Context Palette

    "Looking Back" reflection on the year's projects