Fri, 21 Apr 2017 11:58:39 +0000

Sometimes you just can't help but feel this way.

    omg hahahaha hahaha hahaha love this. I would love to tell some people this to their face, but the piece must be kept LOL

    Truthie: A Descriptive Picture, Vocalized By A Loved One Or Frienemy

    Chill out, asshole. My post wasn't even about you. It was about another asshole who does the same asshole shit you do.

    It sure does. Out looking at houses. Trying to find one out by his school. Want him to be able to enjoy high school.

    Guilty lol

    This is way too fitting for the manly beast! LMAO@deedee.

    Sometimes you have to be the bigger person and walk away. But then, sometimes you have to throat-punch a motherfucker, to get your point across

    People say I act like I don't care. It's not an act.

    Even you push them away they still come back. Very well said! ♥Qn♥