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Sun, 20 Sep 2015 02:02:30 +0000

The Callaghan capital city

    Elyndia, capital city ("Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time", concept art, ©2008 Disney)


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    Sociolatte: Kidnapped Princesses Island by Gloria Delgado

    #fantasy ✤ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES | Just beautiful

    Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) Movie: Directed by Atsushi Takahashi, Art Directed by Shinji Kimura(Tekkonkinkreet). Created by A-1 Pictures.

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    The Yellow Tavern (Perithian Captive)

    ArtStation - Kelemvor - Halls of Dead, Nando Adiletta

    Fairy Bay, Darek Zabrocki on ArtStation at

    .waterfall. by *noah-kh on deviantART Concept Art Bonetech3D SteamPunk Fashion Sci-Fi

    Render en Escenarios finales Concept Art

    The Art Of Animation: Archive

    Ravnica Temple Garden. Art by Rob Alexander.

    The Cave - Xbox 360

    Rime - a friend of mine is working on this game - hope it will turn out great