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Sun, 02 Nov 2014 19:34:32 +0000

Instagram photo by @saralight_ (Sara) | Iconosquare

    Crystal Grids integrate sacred geometry with the power of crystals to strengthen a focused intention. These crystal grid layouts can help you to manifest your goals and intentions much faster. Learn how to make crystal grids in your home! #crystalgrids

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    I believe most of these to be clear quartz . . . correct me if I'm wrong.

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    from sea change bliss

    Aventurine, Quartz, Grossular, Cyclamen leaves, Helleborus and Mistletoe.....Woodlights Woudlicht

    Such a beautiful crystal grid using flowers and gemstones. Love the contrast of the amethyst and rose quartz. So lovely!

    Love is in the earth! @homeinthehive

    Raine's Crystal Grid

    from sea change bliss