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    AQUAMARINE CRYSTAL GRID s t o n e s: Clear Quartz-purification and change. Quartz transmits a high frequency that brings about smooth yet rapid changes in health or general conditions - amplifies surrounding stones, directs energy , programs intentions aquamarine- cooling, soothing, stress reliving, balance emotions, strengthen personal power and communication, go with the flow of the universe sacred geometry: Seed of Life

    Such a beautiful crystal grid using flowers and gemstones. Love the contrast of the amethyst and rose quartz. So lovely!

    Crystal Mandala; Angel love

    Crystal Grids integrate sacred geometry with the power of crystals to strengthen a focused intention. These crystal grid layouts can help you to manifest your goals and intentions much faster. Learn how to make crystal grids in your home! #crystalgrids

    This collection was curated to help increase one’s wisdom, intelligence, and insight – strengthening the overall power of one’s mind. Each stone offers powerful healing properties! BLACK ONYX - Improv

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    Beautiful alter. I see rose quartz, quartz, selenite, and I'm not sure what the blues are, but this is very pretty.

    from sea change bliss

    from sea change bliss

    Love is in the earth! @homeinthehive

    Clearing The Sneaky Clutter That Can Stress You Out & Drain Your Power!

    Brandberg Amethyst, Amethyst - Merkaba & Double Pointers, Aragonite and Quartz with field flowers Crystal Grid by Woodlights Woudlicht

    Raine's Crystal Grid

    5 Simple Ways to Use Crystal Slices

    7 Simple Steps to Create a Crystal Grid

    Crystal Grid for Manifestation Clear quartz (center)- program with your intentions and desires 6 Citrine- connects and activates your Will, strengthening your ability to manifest 6 Clear Quartz points- activates and energies the grid and your intentions 6 Hematite- grounds and manifests your desires into physical reality Write down everything you want to manifest or create, and then set this grid up on top of it, and be AMAZED of the results you co-create!

    Gemstone Match Up

    from sea change bliss

    from sea change bliss

    Crystal Healing Grid

    Mandalas are used as symbols for healing, prayer,& meditation. Her mandalas are inspired by the beauty of nature to bring healing & inspiration to ones spirit. ~Artist Sue O'Kieffe

    crystal grid | Tumblr