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    AMETHYST CRYSTAL GRID s t o n e s: Clear Quartz-purification and change. Quartz transmits a high frequency that brings about smooth yet rapid changes in health or general conditions amplifies surrounding stones, directs energy , programs intentions amethyst- serenity, letting anything that does not serve your highest good, protection, peace, stability, success in business sacred geometry: Seed of Life

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    Crystal Grids integrate sacred geometry with the power of crystals to strengthen a focused intention. These crystal grid layouts can help you to manifest your goals and intentions much faster. Learn how to make crystal grids in your home! #crystalgrids

    Mandalas are used as symbols for healing, prayer,& meditation. Her mandalas are inspired by the beauty of nature to bring healing & inspiration to ones spirit. ~Artist Sue O'Kieffe


    deanandaidan: “old-clint-barton-had-a-farm: “ Ah yes, the Tolkien fandom, oldest and wisest. ” perf ”

    Crystal Medicine Wheel

    Brandberg Amethyst, Amethyst - Merkaba & Double Pointers, Aragonite and Quartz with field flowers Crystal Grid by Woodlights Woudlicht

    QUARTZ -- CRYSTAL GRID--- framed crystal grid with sacred geometry

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    Lila Amethyst Stein Amethyst-Anhänger