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Zwinger Palace was built in Dresden, the capital of Saxony, during the reign of Augusts the Strong in the year 1709, and has been famous ever since for it's stunning baroque architecture. I was exposed to baroque style of architecture in person only when visited the city and this quickly became one of my most favourite parts in the city.

    Een totaal over de top kerkinterieur

    Baroque architecture inside Frauenkirche, Dresden, Germany

    zwinger palace, dresden

    The City Palace in Kota, Rajasthan, India

    BAROQUE ARCHITECTURE 18TH Entrance gate and palace of the princes Esterhazy in Eszterhaza, now Fertoed, Hungary. Joseph Haydn and the prince's orchestra used to spend the summer in Eszterhaza and return to Eisenstadt in autumn. Eszterhaza Palace, Fertoed, Hungary

    Welcome To Germany (Baroque Architecture of the Dresden "Zwinger"

    Sunday Snapshots: German Architecture {Beard and Bonnet}

    Toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain, which depicts classical figures in sumptuous detail. This example of late Baroque, or almost even Rococo, architecture, is lighter in many ways. It's not as formal as earlier Roman Baroque architecture, as it conveys its grandeur less strictly with more free-flowing opulence.

    Warsaw - Łazienki Palace

    Here’s another architectural beauty from Kazan. This is the Ministry of Agriculture Building. What is clearly different about this building is the silhouette of the tree that is formed by a metal sculpture that was built in the center archway to the building. Kazan, Russia

    Iglesia de Nuestra Señora - Dresden

    Church of the Gesu (Chiesa del Gesù), ambulatory, Piazza Casa Professa, Palermo, Sicily - 1636 - Jesuit architecture - Photo by Gerfaut.d.