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Flower Cat Poster by Mia Charro at


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    Blog | Mia Charro | Illustrator and magic seeker

    cute cat pic for cat person crazy cat lady type people :) . Please also visit for colorful-inspirational-Prophetic-Art and stories. Thank you so much, Blessings!

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    This is Coco, the alpha female of our cats and self-appointed Queen. She's refined, sophisticated and charming with grace and poise. She had a litter of six gorgeous, chubby little kittens a few years ago but was shocked that they grew into a rabble of unruly, brawling thugs, so she disowned them. She is cool and confident but can be a bit aloof at times, refusing to accept that she's meant to be a mouse-catching countryside moggy, she'd really prefer to be indoors all day on a velvet cushion...