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Faja Handcrafted Pot


    12 cactus posters for your classroom: Can't touch this On point Stay wild Cultivate kindness Stick with it Free hugs Life is tough, but so are you I'm a succa for you Love grows here Happy together I'll never desert you Bloom where you're planted 12 poster

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    Love these pots!

    BTW Ceramics Mini Black Planter

    Concrete Succulent Holders Instead of using paint to decorate you could use chalk maybe

    Pink Stripe Plant Pot - 6cm

    cactus, grunge, and plants afbeelding

    Need these Buddah head planters

    How good are these painted planters from Australian design duo Poppy Lane and Scott Gibson? Chic pots are not easy to find - especially sizable ones, big enough for large plants. So you can imagine my excitement upon discovering this colorful, graphic collection. The only foreseeable issue is

    Hand-finished planters in metal and solid wood. Ideal for desk, in a windowsill or as a centerpiece. For low water plants and succulents. Combine white and blackened steel planters, or choose all three in same color. * Each planter measures 3" diameter, 3 ⅛" tall * Black planter: Blackened steel metal body. * White planter: Powder-coat finished aluminum body. * Solid oak base with furniture grade lacquer finish * Stainless steel inserts included to protect planter ...


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