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love your heart out, but take no shit.

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    You are great on your own. You need no person to make you great or happy. It's up to u. People are coming and leaving our lives. Parent, friends, lovers, colleges, strangers ... The only thing that stay constant is you. And you is all you need to be happy. The YOU is most important for you.

    R. H. Sin: POET & BEST SELLING AUTHOR of "Whiskey, Words & a Shovel" vol. I & II. | B-Date: 22 Mar 1989 | BIRTHPLACE: New Brunswick, NJ | BEFORE FAME: His 1st book published was "Whiskey, Words & A Shovel" in 2015 | TRIVIA: He shares his poetry on his IG & has gained over 490,000 followers | FAMILY LIFE: He's lived in NYC, NY | ASSOCIATED W/: His book "Whiskey, Words and A Shovel" was on OPRAH'S book club list.

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