Gavin Danker

Tue, 02 Aug 2016 22:11:34 +0000

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    Architecte Savin Couëlle

    Organic stairs

    This is a SWEEETTTT organic house!

    Organic Architecture

    Amazing Architecture - Grand Staircase in House of Scientists, Lviv (Lemberg), Ukraine <= before 1945 = Lwów, POLAND => see history, actual till today ! &

    I can't imagine this in anything other than the Queens apartments in a gorgeous castle....Guess I need a castle!

    Perché sur le bord nord-ouest d'une île privée, à quelques kilomètres de Toronto, la Grotte sauna est un espace sculpté par le studio Partisans

    Braving the cold is so worth it when you can walk past homes like this. Love the drive through.

    İstanbul Gülsuyu Cemevi and Cultural Center Competition - eVolo | Architecture Magazine

    I like the perspective of this picture as well as the incorporation of greenery into the building.