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Tue, 02 Aug 2016 22:11:34 +0000

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    Architecte Savin Couëlle

    Spiral staircase

    Organic stairs

    50 Mind Blowing Examples Of Creative Stairs

    tree staircase

    Jungle House

    Mirrored tree house in Sweden

    Unique round window leaves light when you want it, and lots of shade when you don't.

    Nautilus house, Mexico City.

    Polyhedron Habitable by Manuel Villa

    Living and nature room

    Example on getting "private" light into your home

    Heaven and Earth Been here near Bella Vista, Arkansas, very cool place

    Abandoned Art Studios in Paris.

    : Bath house


    Jon W Benedict | Marble tub minimal, interior, home decor, minimalist, minimalism

    Nowoczesna architektura w pełnej krasie. architektura, minimalizm, design