Cheryl Sivertsen

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 15:16:48 +0000

PAINTED PAPER: Painted Paper Flowers and Landscape Projects


    Tennessee Arts Academy, 2015

    MUSSOLS - Alumnes de 2n Uhu, uhu! Mira, mira.  A la branca d'aquest arbre hi ha un mussol. Els ulls dels mussols són molt rodons...

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    Radial Flower Idea Sheet | Deep Space Sparkle

    Fabulous open-ended kids process art project.Yarn art is all about the fun, messy hands, the freedom to create. A great art project for preschoolers!

    make matisse-inspired wall murals with preschool kids

    Art class ideas: Crazy Hair Portraits

    Colored pencils for the inside of the leaf, marker for the outline, and watercolor for the background. Warm/cool color challenge


    Flowers for 1st grade

    Could make individually then decoupage them onto canvas

    poppies, spring painting