Lisa Nordstrom

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:12:30 +0000

Prince "In Love"

    Cool Prince bracelet

    The Beautiful One..... the look.... THAT FACE in a crowd. #PurpleOne #Prince #oohlala

    Join our purple hero as he plays mini-golf, buys a futon off of Craigslist, and tries online dating. These Stories About Prince are like none you've heard before.

    Classic Prince | 1988 Lovesexy - Odd photo session at Paisley Park with Cat and Sheila E.

    Lovesexy/Black album era 1988-1989

    Or you become like what you listen to...seriously, people don't seem to realize how much their music choice can affect and change them...and others around them.

    Prince as a baby! Too cute! 1958 ;)

    Somebody just asked Prince why he finds Bill Murray funny.

    Prince & the late John L. Nelson (Father)

    Glam Slam club