Dana Odom Jackson

Sun, 13 Aug 2017 14:49:02 +0000

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    Help manage behaviors for students with special needs and students with autism through the use of visual coping strategies

    Task 1: how we can manage behavior by having them think about what they have done wrong

    Check out all the fun things we are doing in room 28!

    To use before a parent conference! Gets kids accountable for their behavior and effort.

    The Worry Bag - Growth Mindset in Children

    Directions and printables to create a Take A Break station which encourages children to manage and regulate their own emotions and behaviors.$


    The Autism Adventures of Room 83: Calm Down Kit- 2nd Edition!

    Where to buy everything for the best deal on school supplies, classroom supplies, teacher clothes, and other teacher essentials.

    Teaching in Progress: I've Given Up the Color Chart - Now What?

    I am kind of in denial that school starts for me Aug 10th! Where did the summer go?!? Because this date is fast approaching I have been thi...