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Motivational Interviewing

    "A Self-Assessment Tool for Clients" - Can be used to identify strengths during challenges; could use different colors and address strengths and development goals. #Uncategorized

    5 pilares de los temores al cambio: por miedo a fracasar, esforzarse o fallar, por miedo a tener éxito, a que te critiquen, o simplemente a Lo Nuevo y desconocido.

    Stages of behaviour change

    Genograms: How to Use them With Your Therapy Clients:

    Reflective Listening “Listening looks easy, but it’s not simple. Every head is a world.” ...

    Six Top Tips For Managing Your Anger. What did I miss?

    A few good mindfulness exercises for all y’all :) One of these for 1 minute a day consistently can build you a good powerful habit that might really help you out… Or not :P

    In depth into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which affect many people suffering from a traumatic event.

    Irrational vs Rational Thoughts

    Erikson's Psychosocial Development Stages. .Great chart! So helpful seeing it layed out like this in a timeline!

    DBT House-I made a more user friendly version for all who may be interested. One has instructions, and the other is blank.

    Motivational Interviewing strategies to elicit change talk

    Self Sabotage Breakthrough Sheet - helps you to start thinking about your own behaviors & ways to develop positive thinking.

    Dialectical behavior therapy Cheat Sheet

    Infrographic on how to make a MH treatment plan by Maiden11976

    Infographic: Counselling Coaching Self Confidence

    Communication patterns & roles - Stop the drama - Karpman drama triangle.

    stages of change worksheets for clients - Google Search

    Have a client who’s stuck and not seeing any options or choices? Use these powerful FREE coaching questions to help your clients brainstorm options, take action and get unstuck!