Karl Lauderback

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 10:00:35 +0000

Seahorse Replica Fossil Rock Garden Statue

    Crioceratites majoricensis

    Kronosaurus fossil. Can you even imagine what this looked like when it was swimming through the ocean?

    Trilobite fossil: Order Lichida, Family Odontopleuridae known as Dicranurus monstrosus

    Fossil plate from Madagascar, with trilobites and starfish. Beautiful piece!


    Incomparable Fossilized Crocodile with Preserved Skin. This and more rare fossils for sale on CuratorsEye.com

    10" Phareodus, 19 1/4" Diplomystus, 5 1/4" Knightia, 6"

    trilobite fossils in the Burgess Shale fossil beds on Mount Stephen - Burgess is one of the most plentiful and scientifically valuable fossil beds in the world

    ⚒ Ordovician Starfish Fossils Found in Morocco |‪#‎Geology‬ *Photo : © davesrockshop visit : http://www.geologyin.com/

    Louisville Fossils and Beyond: Archimedes Bryozoan with Roots?

    The face bin is a fun looking polythene bin that’s great for schools and playgrounds. These bins can be grouped together to form a recycling station and why not add WRAP stickers to show each waste stream .