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Seahorse Replica Fossil Rock Garden Statue

    Orkney Fossil Museum #petrified #fish

    New Baby Mammoth Fossil Found in Northern Siberia. Age estimate between 40,000 and 10,000.

    Crioceratites majoricensis

    ammonite fossil http://vijaytamil.org/2012/10/super-singer-junior-3-15-10-12watch-super-singer-junior-3-15-10-12super-singer-junior-3-15th-october-2012/

    UK fossils including British ammonites - Fossils Direct

    Archelon, Giant Sea Turtle

    Ultra Rare Spiny Helically-coiled Heteromorph Ammonite

    Steneosaurus bollensis - Steneosaurus is an extinct genus of teleosaurid crocodyliform from the Early Jurassic to Middle Jurassic (Toarcian to Callovian). Fossil specimens have been found in England, France, Germany, Switzerland and Morocco. The largest species, S. heberti, reached up to 5 m (16.5 ft) long, though 2.5–3.5 m was far more common Species in this genus are traditionally classed into two skull groups: longirostrine (long, narrow jaws) and brevirostrine (short, broad jaws)

    Turtle Fossil The shell is actually hardened skin, (sensitive to the touch) and its backbone and ribs are attached to it.

    The fossil comes from the Bellevue formation in Ohio. Image via Wiki Commons This is Streptaster vorticellatus, a member of the Edrioasteroidea class. It lived “only” 450 million years ago, during a period called the Ordovician. The body plan for this class was simple: a main body (theca), composed of many small plates, a peripheral rim for attachment, and (in some species) a pedunculate zone for extension and retraction.

    ammonite--The name "ammonite", from which the scientific term is derived, was inspired by the spiral shape of their fossilized shells, which somewhat resemble tightly coiled rams' horns.