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Thu, 12 Jan 2017 09:59:30 +0000

ggeology: Ancient Amber with baby snake

    Copal - Colombia Colombian copal (amber) is a type of resin produced from plant sap from tropical legume and araucarian trees.

    As a semi-precious stone that first begins to form as sap oozing from a tree, amber has the unique ability to trap very small animals or other materials and - as a natural embalming agent - display them in nearly perfect, three-dimensional form millions of years later

    Baltic amber (40-50 MYO) - Biting midge (Ceratopogonidae) by leth.damgaard, via Flickr

    Bumble Bee in Amber. Amber is an ancient manifestation tool that can help you attain your goals when you use it with focused attention.

    fractuals in agate | How do we make our Captured Lightning® sculptures?

    Hell’s Canyon Petrified wood

    ☆ Lucjan Myrta owns a staggering number of 20,400 polished amber nuggets of various sizes, each of which contains at least one explicit inclusion of plant or animal. Therefore, the recognizable plant fragments (fitoinkluzje) are rare, can be safely concluded that in this set are the dominant part of animal inclusions. There are usually one more than one lump and formed the so-called. syninkluzje.。☆

    Lot 49259 – EXTREMELY RARE SCORPION AND – Natural History Signature Auction 20 May 2012

    Green Wavellite Radiating Crystals on Chert by FenderMinerals, on Etsy. Via Güliz Çağdaş Arslan

    Azurite and Malachite.

    petrified snake skin with opal <3