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What you need to know about electrolytes - click for more tips on staying balanced

    The “3 D’s” Cardiac Tamponade (Beck’s Triad) Cardiovascular Care Nursing Mnemonics and Tips:

    Lab values courtesy of simple

    Hypertonic Hypotonic Isotonic -

    Types of wound exudate

    Quick head to toe assessment More

    Learn all about the electrolytes you'll need to know for your nursing exams with our quick cheat sheet!

    Microbiology...just because I MIGHT not have paid attention the first time

    Pharmacy Technician -

    Cardiac Dysrhythmias CheatSheet

    NCLEX traps

    Infographic on the difference between heart failure and a heart attack.

    Infographic - Shots, shots, shots - EVERYBODY. But seriously, vaccinations are vital to preventing disease. This infographic answers all your what's and when's about immunizations and is a great aide in keeping you and your family healthy.

    NCLEX Pharmacology Quick Tips You’ll Need

    Hepatitis A, B, C

    Common Nursing Mnemonics

    someday I'll actually remember these....

    If only I could reference Pinterest during my final today...

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    Asthma attacks with BB'S IF they are asthmatic and on a non-selective BB. Non selective will compete with beta receptor (B2) for inhalers.

    NCLEX @Jennifer Milsaps L Milsaps L Bee

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    Heather's Nursing Cheat Sheets - screenshot

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