Timie Kavouklis

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 11:54:24 +0000

Would love a walk-in pantry with a countertop so I could leave the dehydrator, crockpot, or other small appliance running without taking up room in the kitchen.


    Smaller version of this in pantry or closet

    For those of you with walk-in pantries (open food storage - not a decorative butler's pantry), what would you consider minimum size needed?

    If I could have this in a kitchen, I would die. Obsessed with glass jar that hold baking/cooking supplies in them.

    interesting dimensions and good to know: pantry storage. the various 16" seems like a waste of space for what they show, but you could tailor it for your own use!

    Nice under-cabinet storage.

    Love the tall skinny cabinet cubbies. I hate stacking all my baking dishes.

    YES!!!!! counter inside pantry to store appliances... i think this is my favorite idea ever... i do not like things on my counter

    Is your Kitchen Pantry in need of a major makeover? Today, I will be sharing some Organized Kitchen Pantry Ideas to help get you inspired to start putting together your perfectly organized pan!try

    An Easy Way to Add More Counter Space to Your Kitchen. Looking for remodel or renovation ideas? Upgrade your pantry, no matter what size it is, with a countertop at waist level instead of a shelf.

    Walk-in Pantries Design Ideas

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