Targetbagger Thomas

Mon, 17 Apr 2017 23:04:27 +0000


    This is a cover for a screened top teardrop trailer. I'm not too fond of the screen ceiling but the cover is wonderful if you go with a plexy glass top! Fantastic idea ... check out these awesome trailers at:

    old pipes and door with metal sides

    insulator and traffic light lens light fixture

    The Handmade Wooden Rustic Coaster Set. Wood burn first letter of last name in middle :)

    Check out! Variety of hinges and aluminum trim molding for your RV Teardrop Trailer. See our huge selection of hinges and aluminum trim molding we have in stock. Quick Shipping

    Yesterday, I was talking with one of my friends that teaches in Theater at UWM about motorcycles and he asked me if I would like ...

    Another view of the hinge and the ribbed weather stripping to seal out water. All of the aluminum trim on trailer was installed twice. First to fit then removed and the holes and underside of moulding filled with Silicon sealer before re-installed. Excess sealer is easily cleaned off after it sets.

    Teardrop Travel Trailer (added VIDEOS!)

    Galley Lid Hinge Installed, new sight that has a hurricane hinge.

    My Teardrop - "caravanette" - Homebuilt Teardrop Camping Trailer

    Teardrop Fix-It-Shop | Teardrop Trailer Parts - Trims & Aluminum Moldings