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Villa of the Papyri, Rocío Espín Piñar on ArtStation at

    This is a reconstruction drawing of what the Roman fort at Portchester looked like in AD 345. Archaeological excavations suggest the Roman fort at Portchester was built between AD 285-290. It's building probably relates to a series of 'barbarian' (Saxon) attacks along the coasts of Britain and Gaul (France) at this time.

    Ancient Jericho – the first walled city in history.

    "Ipotesi ricostruttiva del «Tempio Grande» di Vulci"

    medieval village -

    The file taken from

    Priene, Hellenistic city on the west coast of Turkey, 3rd century BC

    Norwich Roman Catholic Cathedral Under Construction, c. 1145 AD

    1897 Roman Architecture

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    Baalbek in northern Lebanon. The largest temple complex in the classical Roman world, completed in the 3rd century AD. Image based on research and various aerial photos of the site. Balage Balogh/