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Villa of the Papyri, Rocío Espín Piñar on ArtStation at


    This is a reconstruction drawing of what the Roman fort at Portchester looked like in AD 345. Archaeological excavations suggest the Roman fort at Portchester was built between AD 285-290. It's building probably relates to a series of 'barbarian' (Saxon) attacks along the coasts of Britain and Gaul (France) at this time.

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    Artist's reconstruction of the Forum Romanum

    Roma -

    Constantinople, as it appeared in the 13th century, here accurately depicted by Antoine Helbert.

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    Story of cities #2: The grid system which the Roman republic exported all over Europe was never employed in the capital itself. The city has always lacked a coherent plan – save for the monumental temple that once towered over it

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    Roma -


    Domus Augusta

    Le Palais de Dioclétien fut construit entre la fin du IIIe s. et le début du IVe s. après JC