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    Italy - Roma (Rome) - Republic under Caesar - Temple of Vesta

    Italy - Roma (Rome) - Villa Albana - Palace of Domitian

    Italie - Sperlonga - Villa de Tibère

    Italy - Roma (Rome) - View of the Palace of Domitian, to the circus

    Some people of the civitas capital of Ratae were living the Roman high-life and the success of the Roman administration of Britain is evident. Description from I searched for this on

    Posillipo -

    taly - Roma (Rome) - Rear view of the Palace of Domitian

    Gaul - Corseul

    Italy -

    Italy - Roma (Rome) - Republic under Nero - Domus Aurea, or Golden House (Imperial Palace)

    Roma -

    Italy - Roma (Rome) - Late Empire - Maxentius Palace and Circus