Vivian plummer

Fri, 19 May 2017 21:17:36 +0000

Alexis Lavine, NWS Luminous Watercolors ​ ​& Inspiring Art Instruction

    Gallery – Bridget Austin

    "Cascade at the Bog Garden" $375.00 framed Available for purchase. Please inquire:

    "Camino hacia el faro" by Blanca Alvarez

    Richard Sneary WATERCOLOR .....narrow field of view with much depth, excellent.............surrounds you with can feel standing under the shade tree.....clean lines..strong edges...every corner has two sides...examine!....Castletown by Richard Sneary Watercolor ~ 14" x 10"

    Kathleen Spellman WATERCOLOR

    Carl Purcell

    Acuarela vegetacion

    Gallery – Bridget Austin

    Step 5 Watercolor Painting Demonstration